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Tee Ball/Coach Pitch Official Playing Rules


1.1. Tee Ball is an instructional baseball game between two teams, under the direction of a manager and a maximum of four coaches, played on a regulation Little League field in accordance with these rules.

1.2. The objective of each team is to win by scoring more runs than the opponent.  However, the primary goals of Tee Ball are:

1.2.1.       To have fun;

1.2.2.       To instruct the children in the fundamentals of baseball; and

1.2.3.  To allow the children to experience the value of true teamwork.

Remember that no single player is any more important than any other and that the managers and coaches are here for all of the children in this league.

1.3. THE PLAYING FIELD.  The field shall be laid out according to the diagram below with exceptions detailed below.


1.3.1.       The bases shall be 50 feet apart.

1.3.2.       An arc with radius of 15 feet and centered on the point of home plate shall be drawn from foul line to foul line.  In order for a batted ball to be considered live, it must go outside of this arc.

1.3.3.       The pitcher’s mound shall have a 10-foot circle around the rubber and the pitcher is to stay inside the circle until the ball is hit.

1.3.4.       The catcher is to be positioned a minimum of 8 feet behind home plate until the ball is hit.

1.3.5.       The on-deck position is not permitted.

1.3.6.       A maximum of five adults are allowed on the playing field.

2.      EQUIPMENT.

2.1. All team equipment is and shall remain the property of Painesville Little League, Inc.  At the time of separation, managers shall return all league equipment to the league or pay such funds as are needed for replacement of said equipment.

2.2. The ball used must meet Little League specifications and standards.

2.3. THE BAT

2.3.1.       The bat shall be no longer than 27” in length.

2.3.2.       The bat shall be no larger than 2¼” in diameter.

2.3.3.       The bat shall be no heavier than 20oz.

2.3.4.       Wooden bats may be used only if approved by the league President.

2.3.5.       Non-wood bats shall be labeled with a bat performance factor (BPF) of 1.15 or less.

2.4. The catcher must wear a catcher’s mitt of any shape, size or weight consistent with protecting the hand.

2.5. The batter, all base runners and all non-adult base coaches must wear a helmet that meets NOCSAE specifications.

2.6. Long pants are to be worn by all players at all games.

2.7. No metal cleats shall be worn.

2.8. No earrings or rings of any kind shall be worn by the players (male and female) during the game.



3.1. All games will start no later than 6:00pm on the scheduled game day.

3.2. All games will be played on the scheduled game day unless otherwise approved by the league President.

3.3. The home team supplies the game ball, lines the field and sets up the bases.

3.4. The visiting team puts the bases away.

3.5. The batting line-ups shall be exchanged by the managers before the start of the game.

3.6. A game consists of a maximum of six innings and is an official game when the home team has been at bat four times.

3.6.1.       A team’s time at bat is considered over when one of the following occurs:             3 outs have been made.             5 runs have been scored.             9 batters have made a plate appearance.

3.7. No new inning shall start after 7:30pm or 1.5 hours of game play.

3.7.1.       NOTE: an inning starts immediately after the preceding inning has been completed.  An inning is complete when the home team is at bat and its time at bat is over.  This means that is the home half of the inning is complete at 7:29pm, the next inning may be played.

3.8. The winning team shall turn the score into the concession stand.

3.8.1.       Both managers shall supply up to three players’ names to be printed in the News Herald.

3.8.2.       The manager of the winning team shall provide the score and the players’ names to the News Herald Sports Desk.  Phone: 440-951-0000, fax: 440-951-6731, or email:             No score shall be reported to the News Herald as a win by more than 5 runs.

4.      PLAYING THE GAME.  The usual rules of Little League baseball apply with the following additions.

4.1. Tee Ball is for youth of league ages 4 and 5.  League age is the age of the player on August 31st of the calendar year in which the game is being played.  Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the league President.


4.2.1.       Players must bat in the order provided to the other team at the start of the game.  If a player bats out of order, that player is called out.  If injury or other circumstance causes a batter to be removed from the lineup, the manager shall inform the other manager.

4.2.2.       All players will hit off the tee.  No exceptions.

4.2.3.       The batter will be called out for throwing the bat.


4.3.1.       A runner shall be called out when running more than three feet away from his/her baseline to avoid being tagged, unless such action is to avoid interference with a fielder fielding a batted ball.  A runner’s baseline is established when the tag attempt occurs, and is a straight line from the runner to the base which he/she is attempting to reach.

4.3.2.       A runner cannot be tagged out after overrunning first base if said runner has not made an attempt to gain another base.

4.3.3.       There is no base stealing.  Runners must remain on base until the ball has been hit by the batter.


4.4.1.       On any overthrow, only one base is awarded to the runners.

4.4.2.       A batted ball stopped by an infielder only needs to be rolled toward either home plate or the pitcher’s mound to stop the play.

4.4.3.       On a batted ball fielded on the infield, a runner must be at least 15 feet past a base to be allowed to advance to the next base with liability to be put out.  If it is determined that the runner was not at least 15 feet past the base when the batted ball was fielded, the runner will return to the previous base.   Example: Abel is on first base, Baker is at bat.  Baker hits the ball on the infield, makes it safely to first.  Abel rounds second, but is only 10 feet past the base when the ball is fielded.  Abel continues to third and Baker makes it to second.  Abel must return to second and Baker must return to first.

4.4.4.       A batted ball fielded by an outfielder only needs to be thrown toward the infield to end the play.             Exception: if the throw is determined to have been intended to make a play on a runner, play continues.

4.4.5.       On a batted ball fielded on the outfield, a runner need only to have rounded a base to be allowed to advance to the next base with liability to be put out.



5.1. Little League managers and coaches shall maintain a high level of integrity while at the ball park.

5.2. Profane language shall not be used on the playing area or around the players.

5.3. Painesville Little League has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and tobacco.

5.3.1.       Consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.  If you have been drinking before a game, do not come to the game as a manager or coach.  A first violation of this policy will result in a one game suspension.  Any subsequent violation will result in removal from the league.

5.3.2.       Use of tobacco products of any kind in the playing area is forbidden.  A first violation of this policy will result in a one game suspension.  Any subsequent violation will result in removal from the league.

5.4. Respect for all game officials is mandatory.  Give it and receive it.

5.5. All managers and coaches are board appointed yearly.  There is no contract or tenure in this league.  If a manager or coach does not fulfill the duties of the position in a manner consistent with Little League values, said manager or coach will not be reappointed to the position.



6.1. All teams are responsible for cleaning their own dugout and playing area.  If you brought it in, carry it out.



7.1. Any points not covered by these rules will be ruled upon by either the Player Agent or Coaching Coordinator for T-Ball & Coach Pitch or the League President or League Vice President.

7.1.1.       League President: Chuck Asbury 440-289-2273

7.1.2.       League Vice President: Chad Asbury 440-289-2274

7.1.3.       Coaching Coordinator: Bill Dolan  

These rules have been adopted by the local board and may be revised or changed without notice. 

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